It's not rude to talk about good food

It's not rude to talk about good food

Ok let’s talk about food. Great nutrition is a subject that’s very close to my heart (or should I say stomach!). I love food and the older I get the more interested I am in all aspects of nutrition with regards to health and well-being. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, my views on diet are passionate to say the least. I’ve always been interested in the link between what you eat and how you look and feel. We all know the difference between having a greasy, stodgy meal and eating something fresh and light. These feelings are poles apart and more and more I’m choosing the latter.

I grew up in the 1970’s when frozen, convenience foods were still a novelty. The vast majority of what I ate as child was either out of a packet or a tin. Quick and easy was the order of the day and in my family quantity beat quality every time. Over the past thirty years there has been a huge shift in our attitudes towards what we put in our mouths. The numbers of people that are embracing healthy eating has sky rocketed and yet at the other end of the scale (no pun intended!) the world is in the grip of a obesity crisis. What has gone so horribly wrong? It’s a very difficult thing to pin-point the causes and I’m not particularly interested in apportioning blame but a combination of the increased availability of cheap, junk food, poor nutritional knowledge, lack of exercise and not prioritising eating well have all contributed to the world getting significantly fatter.

Despite the fact that there are more TV cooking shows than ever before and celebrity chefs publishing recipe books faster than you can say “Jamie Oliver” it seems people are actually cooking less. The popularity of fast food outlets and take-aways has resulted in some homes now being designed with tiny kitchens as they are seldom used. If you can’t remember the last time you used your oven (or even HOW to use your oven!) then you are not alone. I know some people who don’t even know how to chop vegetables or who consider peeling a carrot to be too time-consuming. If we are so busy that we can’t slice an onion or too impatient to boil some brown rice then we need to take a step back and ask why! We have become a nation that shouts at microwaves to “hurry up!”

People are always asking me about what I eat. If you ever see what I post on Facebook or follow me on Twitter invariably it’s pictures of food that you’ll find. For me there’s few things I get more excited about than food. It is truly one of life’s great pleasures and yet it saddens and alarms me that so many people seem to be happy to shove poor quality, preservative-packed rubbish into their bodies. I spent some time at a friends house recently. He is a very successful businessman who has a large, seven bedroom home with a couple of flash cars parked on the drive way. Over lunch he was telling me that he had just spent £20,000 in having his radiators replaced! I noticed that the bread he was making sandwiches with was of the cheap and white variety from the economy range of a well-known super supermarket. When I asked him if he had any wholemeal (healthier) bread he said that he never bought it because he thought it was too expensive! I was truly shocked that he prioritised his radiators over this health.

My friend is not alone with this way of thinking. There are many people who think nothing of spending hundreds of pounds on their cars but the thought of investing in good quality food is unthinkable. Something has gone badly wrong. I shall be writing lots of articles on the subject of nutrition so be prepared for a rant or two! My interest isn’t about standing on a soap box and lecturing on what we should eat or criticising others for what they cook, rather I want to encourage everyone to explore cooking delicious, filling, affordable meals and feeling full of energy. It has been a slow process for me so I understand the habits we can get into when it comes to what we eat. As I’ve said many times looking good is an inside job. If I can help, even in a small way, to gently point people in the direction of taking their eating habits seriously and taking small steps towards nourishing their bodies for optimum health than I’ll be a happy boy!

If you have any thoughts, feedback or questions on nutrition please do get in touch!

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