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To age gorgeously inside and out you don’t need to:
- Spend a lot of money on expensive skincare lotions and potions
- Have such a strict diet that you can’t eat the things you love
- Be extremely disciplined and motivated to exercise for hours every day

What you do need are 47 simple, effective and easy-to-implement tips on food, fitness, faces, feelings and fun to give you a solid foundation for long-term physical and emotional well-being for maximum gorgeousness! This book will give you the tools and encouragement you need to not only look great but to feel great too as the key to ageing gorgeously is nurturing ourselves inside as well as outside.

Tristan Lee has helped transform the lives of thousands of people all over the world with his work as The Gorgeousness Coach. He’s the guy who still gets asked for ID when buying alcohol, despite the fact he’s now 47! With over twenty years of experience he empowers ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results by sharing his unique brand of expertise on all areas of self-care and all done with a big dose of humour! Ageing is inevitable but how we age is in our hands. So get ready to say goodbye to feeling drab as we get older and say hello to feeling fab as we make our olden years, our golden years!


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As we move into our thirties, forties, fifties and beyond, many of us start to lose our sparkle. It doesn't have to be this way! Do you look and feel as good as you'd like to?

So whether you're 28 or 128, or anywhere in between, I've proved regardless of age, you can still look great, feel fab and have amazing self-esteem. Let me help you too!

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